USL Universal Series

USL Universal Series

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USL Universal Series

For greater energy efficiency and control of light

The “state-of-the-art” Sports Floodlight features industry leading computer designed horizontal optics with internal glare/spill light control, and is the perfect choice for both amateur field lighting and professional sports Stadiums and arenas. UL Listed for wet location. CSA certified. Rated for 55°C indoor ambient temperature environment. Parks and recreation field lighting, high school and college sport facilities, and professional sport stadiums and arenas including color TV broadcasting.


  • Pre-aimed/Pre-wired System
  • Semi Specular Optics Designed for Sports Lighting
  • Multiple Beam Shapes
  • Spill and Glare Control
  • Remote Ballast and Disconnect
  • Maintenance Diagnostic System
  • Photometry with Multiple Lamp Manufacturers


  • Ease of installation assures you have the best aiming strategy with your system
  • Optimal design to create the most efficient and uniform sports lighting layouts
  • Greater efficient use of the light providing more uniform results
  • Superior off site lighting and glare control
  • Ease of troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Easy, power off trouble-shooting at the push of a button
  • Non-Proprietary components