Mounting Structures

Mounting Structures

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Poles and Mounting Structures

The pole standards designed by Universal Sports Lighting are designed to meet all local & International design criteria.

The wind load effects have been analyzed with wind velocities ranging from 33 to 70 mps plus a 1.3 gust factor. Due to varying wind effects, height correction factors and drag coefficients have been applied to the entire structure. The dead load effects have been determined by using a final deflected position analysis to account for secondary moments caused by eccentric dead loads. These combined loading effects have been used to determine the maximum allowable
loading capabilities.

These maximum loading capabilities include an appropriate factor of safety which is based upon the internationally Recognized standard.

Pole Shaft

Each pole shaft is made from a single steel sheet. This steel sheet is formed into a tubular shape with one or more longitudinal welds. No circum ferentially welded splices are permitted. This tubular shape has a cross section, which is either multi-sided, round, or square and is either tapered or non-tapered along it’s length.

Multi-sided cross-sections do not utilize a bend radius of less than 1”. And do not have a cross-section with less than 08 sides.

The material used for the pole sections meets the requirements of BSEN 10025 Grade 355

Poles, which exceed 13Mtrs in length, are designed as multiple piece pole assemblies. These two piece assemblies are joined together by telescoping the upper “female” section over the lower “male” section by a minimum lap distance
of 1 .5 times the female inside diameter. The longitudinally welded seam on the female section is welded both inside and out to insure 100% weld penetration at the telescoped area.

Pole assemblies, which exceed 16Mtrs in height, or are specifically being used for sports applications, are also designed with an internal cable guide and strain relief mechanism, which is typically attached at the mid-height of the pole assembly. This cable guide assembly consists ofan offset bar, steel pipe sleeve with internal PVC sheathing to reduce wear, and a hand hole opposite the offset barfor access.

Hinged Poles

All hinged poles are equipped with an external hinge assembly to facilitate lowering the top of the pole for maintenance Purpose a locking devise is used which pre vents unauthorized lowering of the pole.

The external hinge assembly includes a stainless steel pin.

Base Plate

Base plates are used for anchor base type pole assemblies. These plates are integrally welded to the bottom pole section with either a telescopic weld ora full penetration Weld with a back-up bar. All bolt holes are circumferentially slotted to allow for +- 2.5 degrees rotation forfield adjustment.

Anchor Bolts

All standard anchor bolts meet the requirements of ASTM. The bolts have a minimum threaded length of at least 6 inches and are galvanized for a minimum of 12” on the threaded end. Each anchor bolt is supplied with two hex nuts And two flat washers. All standard anchor bolts have a hooked end on the embedded portion to assist in the development of pull out strength.


All service platforms or cages shall be constructed from either tubing or angle material which meets the minimum requirements of international standards.

Top mounted platforms shall be mechanically attached to the pole with plates meeting the site requirements and connecting hardware are made of SS

Side mounted platform should be mechanically fastened to the pole with plates and u bolts fabricated from round stock and can carry at least 3 people. The floor of the platform shall consist of expanded metal grating and should incorporate a hinged door for access to the platform. The hinged door shall be capable of closing prior to unIatching any safety climbing device

Cross Arm

All cross arms shall be constructed from tubing materials, which meets the minimum requirements of International Standards and designed and tested in our in-house facilities.

Top Mounted cross arms shall be mechanically attached to the pole with plates meeting the requirements and connecting hardware meeting the requirement of site.

Side mounted platform should be mechanically fastened to the pole with plates and u bolts fabricated from round stock.

Hand Holes

All hand holes are peripherally reinforced with flat bar which integrally welded to the plate shaft. Each pole will have a reinforced hand hole located in a technically ‘SAFE’ place. Cover plates are included with all hand holes and are attached to the pole with a back barand screw.

Protective Coatings

All Pole Shaft Sections are either galvanized or powder coated or a combination of both. Stub base sections are galvanized in accordance with the requirements of BSEN 1461. Each shaft assembly is completely coated both inside and out side and out with a single dip. Double dipping will not be permitted.

Powder coated poles are covered with a urethane polyester powder meeting the requirements of the project specifications and cured in a convection oven at 400 degrees fahrenheit.


All Welding is performed by certified welders.

Wind Tunnel

All our sports towers are Wind Tunnel Tested as per the requirements