Sports Lighting Design

Sports Lighting Design

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The purpose of sports lighting is to provide lighting that allows a sport to take place safely (i.e. designed to suit the speed of play and size of any objects used in the sport) and provide good viewing conditions, both in visibility of the sports action and comfort of the audience.

Lighting levels for sports are normally defined in terms of the minimum average horizontal illuminance on a reference plane, and a uniformity of illuminance. We at Universal sports lighting, understand the ever changing dynamics of lighting design in various sports and can offer unique propositions to best suit your lighting requirements.

We have in house lighting engineers who will conduct the site surveys (if required) and will provide the best value proposition for your lighting requirements. We offer 3 different types of fixtures with all 7 NEMA beam options to best utilize the lighting beam patterns ultimately saving on energy costs and carbon footprint.

We have an additional component of top visor if you want to limit your lighting to a certain point.

Here, at Universal Sports Lighting, we can design as well as supply the all the required products for the installations. We are One Stop Shop for all your sports lighting needs.